A pedestrian cabaret that is anything but ordinary

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An evening of strong currents, potent drinks and local legend served up by Helen Paris and Leslie Hill with swirling support from torch singer Cloudy Shoreline and the Slipstream Band.

The romantic but spatially challenged cruise director Miss Paris guides the evening with reckless abandon, as Cloudy Shoreline lures us closer with her Siren Song and the philosophical Purser Hill flairs her famous ‘oblivion’ cocktails. So remember…

The end of the world is neither here nor there
You will always be recalled by the way you wore your hair

is an evolving performance about journeys, mythical and real, remade at each destination working with local people and their stories. It was first commissioned by the RSC and performed on a boat on the River Avon. It then shape-shifted into a pedestrian cabaret for the Worlds End and Chelsea Theatre as part of InTransit 2012.

More info:
Slipstreaming at the RSC and at Worlds End, Chelsea Theatre


Worlds End
Chelsea Theatre
River Avon
Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Photo by Hugo Glendinning

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