1 February 2020

Threaded Fine

Rosemary Lee  

Campus Theatre

Following the creation of her 24 hour performance Circadian for a beach in Lowestoft, Rosemary Lee has been commissioned by ŻfinMalta, the National Dance Company of Malta, to recreate this work with a cross-generational cast of professional and non-professional dancers from across the Maltese islands.

Taking the original concept of a short solo repeated by 24 dancers, increasing in age over a period of a day, the adapted work, Threaded Fine will be performed in a relay over five hours in an indoor location.
With moments of intensity and stillness, each dancer will bring their own unique quality to this repeating, ritualistic performance accompanied by a reworking of the original sound-score partly performed live by composer and singer Isaac Lee-Kronick. As each dancer hands the baton on to the next, audiences are free to come and go or stay for the duration.

Continuing her passion for making large-scale intergenerational performances and films, Rosemary draws inspiration for this work from the cyclical rhythms of life that shape and connect us whilst also highlighting the singular individuality of each performer.

Renowned for her inclusive approach, she will be working with the company members and a local cast over a period of a month, enabling each performer to find their particular quality for the solo.

Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Threaded Fine 2020-02-01 00:00:00 2020-02-01 00:00:00 Campus Theatre, Valletta Malta
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