Two Degrees: what went on?

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 22, 2011
Two Degrees 2011 took place from 12-18 June - a week of bike projects, crayfish eating, haircuts, potions and more... We've collected some of the online coverage below - as well as put together a quick slideshow of what went on during the week.

Artist Ellie Harrison and Artsadmin's Mark Godber in converstation, Two Degrees 2011 media partners.

Festival preview and interview with Artsadmin's Mark Godber and Sam Trotman
Interview with artist Ellie Harrison (audio)
This is Tomorrow, commissioned by Artsadmin to document Two Degrees 2011.

A Crayfish a day keeps the invader at bay (New Scientist blog)
Future Editions - the world issue (Diana Damian)
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